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We are a team of IT experts, engineers and writers working in well-known high-tech companies, with 10+ years of experience. After many years of helping companies secure their systems, we decided it was time to help you — anyone who is looking for a robust antivirus solution

Our Mission

Our mission at Compare Antivirus Top 10 is to offer the best advice for anyone who wants to protect their computer or mobile device by providing reviews, comparison charts and tools to help users make an informed decision on purchasing the best antivirus software. With the help of Compare Antivirus Top 10, you will be able to choose the best antivirus software to suit your needs whether for home or business.

Paradox of Choice

Many users turn to our website when looking for the best online antivirus software instead of sifting through endless search results. We make the whole process easy with the ultimate aim of overcoming the ‘Paradox Of Choice’. A limited number of choices is better than a large number as having to choose from too many options becomes too labor-intensive. On average, it would take a person a few hours to research and select the top options based on various factors such a user reviews, performance statistics, pricing options and so on. We have spent countless hours researching different antivirus software to provide you with the best options when purchasing antivirus software. Ultimately, we look out for the consumer by providing exclusivity in terms of the number and quality of brands that we host on our platform.

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